A documentary film project exploring contaminated
water and the impact of uranium mining on the people
of the Great Plains


Crying Earth Rise Up Info

Crying Earth Rise (working title) is a documentary film and community engagement project addressing the impact modern uranium extraction has on the land, our water and our communities.

The border of Nebraska and South Dakota is home to the High Plains/Oglala aquifer - North America's largest underground fresh water source. Within this region is nestled the town of Crawford, Nebraska, site of the Crow Butte uranium mine. Here questions have arisen over recently discovered contaminated water and the expansion of the uranium mine. While mine operators insist that the practice is safe and the energy clean, some residents and geologists claim that mining has contaminated the groundwater with radon and toxic heavy metals. With the mine owners seeking permission to expand operations, community members begin to consider mining's impact on their water supply and the fate of their small town.

It's about energy- good, clean, nuclear energy.

- Resident of Crawford, Nebraska

Our film intimately chronicles the parallel stories of multi-generational ranchers, families, and concerned citizens as they debate the future of uranium mining. The feature film is scheduled for release in 2013 with companion shorts released every couple months

For the first six months of my pregnancy, I was drinking highly contaminated water from a well near Oglala.

- Lakota mother from the Pine Ridge Reservation

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